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Every woman wants to look her best and for some, there’s no better way to transform their locks

than with the help of hair extensions. They are great accessories, can elevate your entire look

and boost your confidence. Hair extensions always look gorgeous when you first get them

installed and a few days after. But keeping them looking flawless for an extended period of time

comes down to how you care for them at home. Just like your natural hair, your hair extensions

need some love and affection. Not to mention, maintaining those extensions will help you get

the most out of them. I don't know about you, but I like to see a return on my investments and

we all know buying hair extensions is a whole investment.

Today, we are going to discuss what you can do to keep your extensions looking amazing for

more than just a few days. Since most hair extensions are Human Hair, they can last up to 2

months when used in a traditional sew-in. With proper care, good extensions can be reused for

up to three applications. Here are some of the things you can do at home to keep your

extensions slaying.


Take the time to comb your hair with a large-tooth comb or paddle brush. When detangling, part

the hair in small sections, always start from the ends, and brush your way to the roots. If you

come across knots, you can use your finger to carefully loosen them. The more careful you are

the longer the extensions will last. It is all in the technique, if you pull and yank through the

extensions, you can damage your hair. This can cause your extension to not last the normal

lifespan. This process takes time and dedication. Be patient, it will be worthwhile. Not only will

your hair consistently look good, but in the long run, you will save some coins.


Our natural hair gets fed with a constant supply of natural oils, keeping it nourished even with

the most laid-back haircare routine. However, your extensions don't receive the same treatment.

Unfortunately, they do not get any supply of these natural oils. It is a good practice to keep them

filled with moisture, super smooth, and to maintain that gorgeous shine. So try deep

conditioning your hair regularly to ensure the extension gets enough supply of moisture. Deep

conditioning is an essential step in any hair routine, and perhaps the most crucial step in

reviving a weave. The hair extension you have and the style determine how often you should

moisturize it. With a human hair sew-in weave, you may have to moisturize more often than



Doing the ACV rinse helps remove product build-up from your weave. But it does a little bit more

than a quick cleanse. Doing an ACV rinse also helps restore the proper pH balance of your hair.

Virgin hair looks so sleek when you first buy it because the hair cuticle is fully sealed. As you

use products, shampoo, and use hot tools to style, the hair cuticle slowly begins to strip away

until it's no longer there. When your weave starts looking a hot mess, most likely the PH balance

is off. Using apple cider vinegar is a great way to restore that balance and reseal the hair

cuticles because it has a very low pH balance.

The process is very simple, use about two caps full in a larger bowl with enough water to fully

immerse your extensions. Dip your hair in the water and leave the rinse in for 10-15 minutes.

Then rinse it out with water before using your shampoo.

Other care tips include:

● Always secure the hair well in a braid or a cap before any physical activity such as

swimming, gym, biking and so on.

● Thoroughly wash your hair to remove product build up, sweat, and residue. Try not to

leave your hair wet after a workout for too long. The excess moisture can cause the hair

to start slipping.

● Minimize hot tools usage or use heat protectant.

As mentioned above, when you buy hair extensions, it is an investment. Take care of your

investment and it will keep you looking your best every time you step out of the house.