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Are you trying to find a hairstylist, and you don't know where to look? Finding the right stylist for

you doesn't have to be through trial and error. Imagine having a bad experience at a salon

where you feel like the stylist ruined your hair on the first trial. You certainly will never go back to

that hairstylist, which brings you back to square one. To avoid that and save you some time and

money, here are a few tips that’ll help you find the right stylist for your hair goals.

1. Do Your Research

Nowadays, information is at the tip of the finger of anyone searching for it. Finding a stylist is no

different from using Yelp to find a cute birthday outfit or a place to dine in. You need that same

tenacity and same investigating skills to find a stylist. You don't want to go with a hairstylist

because that's where your sister-in-law did her wedding look. What works for her may not work

for you. So you want to do your own research. Somethings you would want to pay attention to


● Social profile, that is a good way to get a portfolio of the stylist work. Pay attention to the

pictures on social media if they look similar or close to what you are looking for. Also you

want to make sure you see the actual stylist working on someone's hair to ensure that

they are the one doing the fabulous work.

● A website, most professional hair stylists should have a website where clients can do

bookings. While browsing on the website you can check out the reviews, their about

page and see if you have the same values.

Of course, you won't be able to see everything from online research, but that is a great place to


2. Choose A Hair Stylist Who Specializes In What You Want

Choosing a stylist who specializes in what you are looking to get can be a great way to alleviate

the stress and anxiousness that come with going to a new stylist for the first time. Not only do

they have the experience to accommodate your needs and desires. But it is also reassuring

knowing that they are not new to the rodeo. The way your hair is cut, colored, styled, and peace

of mind for the next couple of months depends on the expertise of a select handful of people. So

when doing your research, you want to narrow it down to hair stylists that specialize in your


3. Book A Consultation

If you have questions or you want to go from one style to another, we recommend booking a

consultation first. Let's say you have virgin hair and you want to get a relaxer or a big chop,

having a consultation would be the first step. With major changes like that, having a

conversation with the hairstylist will help assess where you are in your hair journey and where

you would like to be.

Booking a consultation also reduces the risk of hairstyle regret. During the consultation, you get

to dive deep into things that can affect your hair health, what is pertinent to you, and what your

stylist can do to bring you where you want to go. Also, it helps you build a relationship with your

stylist, check out their personalities, and see if it is something you can vibe with.

4. Keep Your Budget In Mind

Typically, the stylist will give you the price for the different services they provide during the

consultation. After the consultation, you can take some time to think about your option before

booking an appointment. You don't want to work with a cheap hair stylist because they may not

put as much time and effort into your hair. But also you don't want a stylist who is too expensive.

We understand investing in your hair is important to you, so splurge and indulge if and when you

can, but keep it reasonably within your means. You'll be able to visit your stylist regularly doing

so. This means more good hair days for you.

At B.Xquisit, we promote healthy hair, so if you are looking to get started on your healthy hair

journey or you are already on that journey but you need a hairstylist to help you, book a

consultation with us today.