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B. Xquisit 'Control It' Hair Spray

B. Xquisit 'Control It' Hair Spray

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For Touchable, Moveable Finish


Easy to re-work, our Control It hairspray is more about giving your hair the control it needs. A working styling product that offers exceptional hold and no sticky residue or build-up. Highly flexible yet fixative, this hairspray provides all day control and a medium hold. Super light weight with a natural hold that keeps your hair in place, this product is ideal for everyday use. Plus the

fast-dying allows for a quick styling, getting you ready for your day or your party in no time. The fine mist is designed to evenly distribute the product and create textures. As a humidity resistant hairspray, you can even use it on hot humid days. Easy to brush through with long lasting touchable support, even after re-spraying, this product is perfect for hair that needs hold and free movement.


Formulated with Panthenol, a form of Vitamin B5 which serves as a powerful humectant. This formula helps retain the moisture level of your scalp, hair and prevents water loss, thus making your strands soft, smooth and more manageable. A hairstyle is a very important part of who we are. Not only does it influence the impression you leave with people, but it also means good feelings. You feel much better when you are happy with your hair and the way you look everyday.

  • ●  With Provitamin B5

  • ●  Fast-Drying Flexible Hold

  • ●  Humidity Resistant. UV Protectant. No Parabens.

  • ●  Great For All Textures

  • ●  Medium Hold

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