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B. Xquisit 'Hold It' Hair Spray

B. Xquisit 'Hold It' Hair Spray

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Strong Hold Hairspray


If you are trying to create a bombshell look, our Hold It Hairspray is your go-to. Whether you have thin or fine hair, this product is going to amp up your look. It gives subtle definition without making your hair crunchy, at the same strong enough to hold up your updo for formal events. This new formula of Hold It Hairspray doesn't let your hair fall flat after a few seconds of staying. A versatile styling tool that provides texture and nice shiny voluminous hair as you always wanted before going to your special event.


Formulated with a mixture of SD Alcohol 40-B/Alcohol Denat., Hydrofluorocarbon 152a and other amazing ingredients. SD Alcohol 40 is one kind of short chain alcohol that evaporates quickly and helps minimize drying time. As a volumizer spray, it doesn't make your hair heavy and it holds moisture. At the same time, you can style your hair without worrying because it provides humidity resistance for hours. Hairspray shouldn't leave your hair looking hard or feeling like a helmet.

  • ●  With Humidity Resistance

  • ●  Strength & Volume

  • ●  No Sodium Chloride or Parabens

  • ●  Strong Hold

  • ●  Ideal for Sculpting & Styling

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